There are 3D games etc. that everyone is able to play easily for free here. Enjoy yourself fully!
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What's New

2 August 2006 -----
The bug of Morning! Highway and Gun=Vali=Mass which may be unable to start a game in bluxxun Contact and BS Contact was corrected.

21 October 2005 -----
fixed the link to a download site of blaxxun Contact.

9 December 2004 -----
fixed the bug from which direction of the look of a player may swerve horizontally into the game of Ravine Railway Club.

25 September 2004 -----
changed the link to the download site of Cosmo Player into NIST.

13 June 2004 -----
Although FrameRate was high when "Cortona VRML Client 4" was used with PC of some conditions, the trouble which is not smooth was corrected in four games. However, since Gun=Vali=Mass is not suitable for Cortona 4, this correction in this game may be meaningless.

10 March 2004 -----
corrected the mistake to which Air Crayon has not been linked since December, last year.
corrected the trouble as which the line drawn by Air Crayon was displayed dirtily at BS Contact VRML.

27 January 2004 -----
made the face of "Mary's dresser" easy to look from all angles in Cortona 4.x and Contact 6.1.

8 September 2003 -----
added "BS Contact VRML" to Plug-ins.
This plug-in can display VRML and X3D. If this plug-in is used, please follow notes about "blaxxun contact 3D."

1 May 2003 -----
modified the following bug.
"If Ravine Railway Club was run with blaxxun Contact 3D, the railing of the bridges and stations are displayed pale blue."

19 April 2003 -----
renewed the design of this page.
added "Box Modeler" to VRML Atelier.
linked a few sites.

24 June 2002 -----
The girl of "Dancing! Tail" dieted. ( 134kB -> 66kB )
Time is required a little until this game screen is displayed, although file size became small.

9 March 2002 -----
fixed a bug of "Dancing! Tail" in Contact.
Thanks Paul! :-)

7 February 2002 -----
rewrote the following details.
"Morning! Highway", "Gun=Vali=Mass" and "Ravine Railway Club"

4 February 2002 -----
added details of the following works.
"Dancing! Tail", "Mary's dresser", "Air Crayon", "Potter's wheel of Mary" and "Steam locomotive model"

25 January 2002 -----
added "Pivoron Player" in plug-ins selection.
However, "Pivoron Player 1.0" does not display a part or all the texts.
Also, this plug-in freezes well with "Dancing! Tail".

18 November 2001 -----
reformed the design of this page.
But, the details of each content have not been completed yet.
added "Dancing! Tail" to VRML Games.

11 November 2001 -----
fixed a bug of "Morning! Highway"'s steering in Cortona and Contact.
fixed a bug of "Gun=Vali=Mass"'s white text in Contact on RADEON VGA plus Direct3D renderer.
corresponded "Ravine Railway Club" to blaxxun Contact5.1.

6 November 2001 -----
fixed a bug of "Gun=Vali=Mass".

2 November 2001 -----
corresponded "Gun=Vali=Mass" to blaxxun Contact5.1.

20 October 2001 -----
corresponded "Mary's dresser","Air Crayon" and "Potter's wheel of Mary" to blaxxun Contact5.1.
but, to these there are a few bugs.

15 October 2001 -----
corresponded "Morning!Highway" to blaxxun Contact5.1.

17 August 2001 -----
modified the link of "Morning! Highway".

4 August 2001 -----
Fixed "Morning! Highway" in Cortona 3.1.

8 July 2001-----
The English test page was disclosed.

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Please install any one VRML plug-in.
PC that supports OpenGL recommended Use this, if you esteem a stable action than speed. WindowsPC that supports DirectX7 or higher recommended Use this, if you are interested in X3D.

Cosmo Player and Pivoron Player may not function correctly in Internet Explorer updated by the newest.

If plural VRML plug-ins are installed, you can use one by choosing it from the following item.
Supposing your plug-in is "Cosmo Player" or "Pivoron Player", VRML may not be opened by IE where "associated VRML browser" is chosen.

VRML Games

Morning! Highway Gun=Vali=Mass Ravine Railway Club Dancing! Tail

Morning! Highway

Rush in the highway, while avoiding other cars with skillful steering wheel operation! You must run opposite lanes occasionally.


You are a pilot of an universe fighter. Strike down the enemy's fighters! Your fighter is equipped with 2 kinds of weapons. One is the shot that is discharged automatically to the front. Another is the photon torpedo that is discharged to the enemy when you place mouse cursor to a big enemy.

Ravine Railway Club

You are a motorman of a ravine railway. Please stop your train well to the next station within the remaining time. Before you start this game, you can change the curve condition of this railway track freely.

Dancing! Tail

This is a game that you repaint the side partition of the surface of a huge cylinder to blue. When you repaint all the surfaces to blue you can rescue the girl who is caught into this cylinder. However, rat robots interfere with your work.


If a speed of operation is unstable at bluxxun Contact or BS Contact, please check the box on the left of "Run full speed (use all CPU resources)" in the General tab of Preferences.

VRML Atelier

Mary's dresser Air Crayon Potter's wheel of Mary Box Modeler

Mary's dresser

Please make up to her face by using your mouse. The line is painted in the place where you dragged mouse cursor on the surface of her face.

Air Crayon

Please drag inside of green square canvas by using your mouse. The 3D lines will be drawn to this virtual space along your handwriting.

Potter's wheel of Mary

You can make shape such as a plate and pot by using this tool. You can output this shape to a VRML plug-in console as a VRML text.

Box Modeler

This is the simple modeling tool like block play. When the central red cube is clicked the new cube is extended to the face that was clicked. You can output the model that was made as a VRML text.


Each time you draw a line in "Mary's dresser" and "Air Crayon", the memory of your PC will be consumed a little. If you drew many lines remarkably in these 2 works, the hard disk of your PC becomes full with swap files and OS may stop. When you close the windows of these works, swap files will be released.

VRML Railroad

This is a link to Juno's world.

Steam locomotive model

I made the model of a steam locomotive with VRML. But, there is not this model here. I have rented the No.104 room of VRML Condominium in Juno's World and the steam locomotive model is in this room.


GoGoGo is displaying enjoyable amusement park etc. with VRML. And, You can listen to his wonderful music. Japanese
Juno is displaying the VRML of many solid puzzles and polyhedron. His mathematical art you will be satisfied. English and Japanese
Qei's page is the VRML of old castle style design. You may be surprised a big spider. Japanese
"Ikebana" means flower arrangement in Japanese. You are able to enjoy flower arrangement with VRML. Japanese
Tamentaico is displaying the puzzle and game of FLASH of pretty design. You will be able to enjoy a long time with your family. English and Japanese
Nushi is displaying a lot of 2D and 3DCG etc. with GALLERY. There is the town of the Japanese monster of VRML. Japanese
This is the site where the first class architect is managing. They take on the job of the Web3D production such as structure and furniture. Japanese
You do not need to be approved by me when you link to this page from your page. However, do not link with the method that causes misunderstanding and damage to me, my friends and neighbors.
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