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I am a ceramic art sculptor.
I make animals.
I want to introduce my works.

They are made with clay (for the ceramic art),
paints, and glaze.

It is burned by using the gas kiln in temperature of
about 1220 degreesi2228degrees Fahrenheitj and completed.

<Since Feb 3, 2001>

The photograph of the work
Who's Batta?
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(Arts, zoos, aqariums, and others )
Introducing gorillas, zoos with gorillas
(Now Under Construction)

Who's Batta?

I got interested in antique dolls when I was at university,
and longed to making dolls with ceramic.

In 1994, after graduation, I studied ceramics in Seto City,
Aichi Prefecture.

I've been making ceramic animals since 1996, looking up to
Shiro Suzuki,ceramic art sculptor, as my mentor.

Contact me at: roborof at po1.dti2.ne.jp

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